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the heartless love

deep searing emotion / stirs me to the core

my desire overwhelms me / my rationale begins to lose control

your mere presence moves me

your looks caress me / your touch soothes me

how I ache to have you completely / wholly / solely

Yet my heart you will not take / it’s the only one I have to offer

the abuse the hurt the pain / have left it in disrepair

the loves lost have torn / the loves hidden have bruised

the loves rejected have beaten / the loves forced have scarred

But I give to you all I have / to take, to keep / to shape, to mold

Take me and hold me

love me as we’ve never known

But take my heart please / for it’s too much for me to bear

my failing heart can take no more

It bleeds / It weeps

As you walk away / the light dims / and darkness rushes in

and I am as I was before

A decrepit, wretched, lost soul

forever longing / eternally searching / for the one

who will take my heart / who will take my life

as ugly and horrid as it is / and show me what love is

what love can do / to make me believe

in what I’ve not know / in what I’ve not felt

As your presence fades / life seeps from me

I realize

that I never

had a heart to give


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