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the inevitable tide

your shadow haunts me, making me crazy

i need you so desperately

my body and soul aches for you

your caress tortures me as memories take me away

how can i ever let you go

please don’t fall in love until i get over you

you’ll break my heart even more

you’ve found my lost spirit; it is yours, has always been

your presence courses through my veins

i long to love you like you want me to

the obstacle is nothing we cannot overcome

but only with each other are we able to conquer it

you shiver with expectancy, urgency

i know you need me, why won’t you admit

you lie to yourself, saying i mean nothing

we both know the truth, cleave unto me as i do you

the one thing i can’t live without

is the one thing i lived my whole life for

i have waited for you for so long

and i still wait

eternity may come and go

my soul will not rest

you tease me with mere morsels of love, joy

i beg you to give me your all

i can feel you in me so much

you satisfy my entire being

i yearn to fulfill your desire

why won’t you allow me

i have grown weary and insane

but still i find strength for you

you are all i have ever needed, wanted

i wish i could make you see i belong to you

ask anything of me and i will

your existence lingers; taunts and intertwines mine

never engulfing me, just like the ocean tide

is this the price i must pay for you


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