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the man in my Dreams

who is this man in my Dreams?

he is so familiar, yet a stranger.

i know the face, the touch,

but is not my lover.

my heart wanders like a blind fool.

yet can always return to it’s love.

horrid lust, when will my heart be content to stay.

and why, why is there that other man.

o ye wretched heart, there is no chain that binds you

you chose freely your lover

an oath seals your fate

take comfort and rest.

yet when you are the most joyful in your lover

as you lie to sleep, He comes back to haunt you.

why do you let him. why can’t you make him leave.

there is no love in you for him. you chose.

now be satisfied.

who can you turn to. what to do.

face him. fear him. all i want is to feel the love.

set me free, please i beg you. i can’t let you go

until you do.

Dreams, how i hate sleep. as i do, i just can’t

can’t bring myself to wake. yet when i arise,

i confront reality.

my heart breaks.



  1. i know how you feel as i keep on dreaming about the same woman , whenever i dream of her i dont want to wake up and when i do i do cry as she not lying there beside me 😦 i hope u find him big hugs x

  2. Dean, you honor me with your words. I cannot express how it moves me and saddens me that you understand this experience so well. I hope your heart is able to heal.

  3. Greetings – Interesting site you’ve created! I came by to say hi …and to invite you to stop by Image & Verse for a visit, or just to say hello.

  4. I ve had similar dreams before, but this morning i had a very almost real dream, of this good looking man, so gentle and tall and fair just the perfect fit for my liking. He wanted me so badly, and we walked hand by hand as he started to tease my hand, i suddenly woke up. I feel so disturbed by it that i decided to Google-type; WHO IS THIS MAN IN MY DREAM- which led me to this site. Sometimes my dreams come to reality but i’ll keep hoping…

    • J – please do keep dreaming and hoping… i hope my simple words will keep you wishing until your dreams come true…

  5. Your story is nice, i had the same experience, i always saw a man in my dreams, but i can’t see his face.

    • i wish you clairvoyant dreams so you may find him

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