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Monthly Archives: April 2009

the wall

there’s a wall

hidden deep within me,

built so sturdy,

it will never falter.

this wall is my protection,

my lifeline.

without this wall,

i would not survive.

this wall is my shelter,

allowing me to run and hie,

for it will surround me

and keep me safe,

hurting only those

who attempt to

trespass beyond

the wall.

the wall is my suffocater,

enclosing me far inside

it’s minute boundaries.

damaging me solely

when i try to

reach out for help.

the wall is immovable,

no matter which way

i turn,

someone will always

end up wounded.


beyond repair

the pain’s unbearable

it hurts too much

i cry out

hoping to be rescued,

but there is no rescue.

the suffering has been too long

the wound too deep

i convulse

trying to fight it,

but the fight is lost.

the piercing of my heart is torture

the shock is horrid.

i cringe

trying to forget

but the memory is too vivid

the nauseating stench of torment

the achingness that follows

i try to pull myself together,

but i’m beyond repair