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Tag Archives: unshackled darkness

unshackled darkness

love. lust.

how you hunger for my body, my soul..

it drives you mad, knowing you’re so close to me.

yet not entirely.

you want me, you can have me.

what more do you need.

i have given freely all i am.

but it seems you want more.

i am a naked spirit before you.

i have you all the time.

all you have to do is choose.

i will be yours completely.

please make me yours.

nothing held back.

why aren’t you satisfied.

i’ve sacrificed all for you.

you see before you a bare body.

it wants to love you and does the only way it knows how.

but it’s not enough.

failure. loss.

oh, the ache deep down suffocates my soul

taking the light out.

only darkness remains.